With an increase in good web design Dubai, the global application market has topped to $106 billion (2018). This highlights how computers and gadgets are becoming increasingly sophisticated, necessitating ever more efficient applications and functions. Many software developers have to choose between cross platform and native mobile and development for Web Design Dubai. However, it all boils down to the form of app and its intended use.

A native mobile software platform is one that uses SDK and a primary infrastructure stack to fulfil the specifications of the operating system being used. It also makes use of cameras, numerous sensors, memory, and a number of other programmes already on the computer.

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On the other hand, cross platform applications like React native and Xamarin, developers can develop applications that consist of a 90% reusable codebase that uses a native user interface and multiple elements for control. It also has the potential to view and conform to a smartphone’s human interface as well as other content design standards. Basically, there are 2 types of cross platform applications for web design Dubai and these are

  • Native cross platform apps and
  • Hybrid apps

Although web design Dubai is booming with more cross platform options, here is why we think native platforms for mobile app development are better and more efficient:

1. Greater performance:

The first and most critical explanation why native systems are superior is that they are built and optimised for a single platform. As a consequence, the app’s output skyrockets. Furthermore, since they are designed using popular programming languages and APIs, these apps are incredibly fast and sensitive. This boosts the reliability and response time of the app. It also lengthens the time it takes for an app to load as people browse and use it more often.

2. Better security:

Web design Dubai has increased the need for better privacy and higher security. Technically, we rely on a number of browsers and programmes, such as Java and CSS, to run our applications. Giving the customers a native smartphone device means that they have the highest security and reliability possible.

3. Native apps have better interaction:

Since native platform apps run more efficiently, they seem to inherit their devices’ interfaces, allowing them seem to be built into the system. Furthermore, this increases the user interface and improves the usable flow. Users may use their own movements and behaviours to communicate with the app.

4. Lesser bugs:

To ensure effective web design Dubai, native platforms have lesser dependencies on bugs. This allows developers who are now using SDKs that have functionality to use the most up-to-date technologies. In contrast to hybrid applications, which have an additional layer on which developers have little control, this eliminates wait time and allows developers full control over the software.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know all about the advantages of native platforms, The Watchtower is here to help you. You can easily take advantage of the latest software production resources by contacting us and visiting our website!