Acer Aspire One laptops are known for their excellent design and enduring performance. This generation of Acer laptops has several advanced features like Intel Atom processor, RAM capacity and spacious hard disk. Inspite of all these features, you might face quite a few problems. There are situations when you accidentally end up giving a wrong command or clicking a wrong option that makes some untoward change in your laptop settings that you would obviously want to undo. If you have landed in a situation like this then the best option is to restore your Ace Aspire One laptop to its factory settings.

Considering the compact design and advanced technology of your laptop, the ideal way of restoring it to the factory setting is to seek online tech support from experienced computer support service providers. Almost every Acer laptop is equipped with a utility tool called Acer e Recovery Management that can restore the laptop to its factory settings without any problem. It is advisable that you take a proper backup of so that you do not lose any data at the end of the process.

You can easily find the tool with the help of the following steps:

• Start ->All Programs -> Acer Empowering Technology -> Acer e Recovery Management
• Click on the Acer e Recovery Management icon displayed on the Acer bar
• It will open the Acer e Recovery Management window.

As mentioned above you must take a data backup before you begin the process of restoring your Acer Aspire 6930 laptop. This tool gives you an option to take full back of your laptop. It is simple to do as you just need to click the option stating ‘Full Backup’.

The tool allows you to use the image of the factory default settings that appears along with other options like images of backup and backup of system and application that is copied on CDs or DVDs.

Now you need to perform two simple steps:

• Click the ‘Restore’ button appearing bottom right of the window
• Select the option stating ‘Restore system to the factory defaults’

This way your Acer Aspire One laptop gets restored to the factory defaults. Factory defaults refer to the original state of your laptop and you lose all your programs and data stored on the system. To prevent this you are repeatedly advised to take a proper backup of your laptop so that you can reinstall the programs after the system restore is complete.

There are possibilities of deadlocks inspire of the steps being explained so lucidly. In case you fail to restore your laptop to factory settings in a couple of attempts then you need to look beyond these steps and seek assistance from experienced online tech support service provider. You simply need to call them and you get connected instantly to a group of certified technicians to take care of any issues on your Aspire laptop.