You know you want cheap Word Press hosting, but you don’t want any surprises – like finding out later that your new hosting plan is missing features you need. Most of the features and specifications that hosting companies list are irrelevant for those of us who just need a cheap reliable host for a great Word press site.

If you’re looking for cheap WordPress hosting  that just works, look for these features:


Uptime is the amount of time, usually listed as a percentage, that the host server will be functional. What this means is typing your domain name will display your site instead of a “page not found” error. This is probably the most important feature. The higher the percentage, the better will be performance. The host will usually list their uptime in the package description. Finding independent verification of this number is difficult.

Disk Space

This is the amount of space the hosting provider will allow you to use on the server. Plans that have unlimited disk space are ideal because no matter how much space you need, you’re covered. But some plans do have limits and it isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. A single WordPress install is going to take less than 20MB of space. As you start adding posts and pictures it will take up more space, but unless you intend to post many pictures, videos, and large files, 500MB should suffice for a long time.


This is the amount of data that is transferred to and from your site every month. Whenever someone visits your site, some data is transferred. 100,000 hits will use about 1GB of bandwidth. So, unless you plan on having more than 100k visitors a month or uploading and downloading a lot more than average, even a plan with 1GB of bandwidth a month should do just fine.


This is the number of domain names you can have in this one hosting plan. If you only want one website, and you don’t have any plans to expand into multiple websites in the near future, a plan that allows only one domain is all you need. If, however, you want to create multiple websites now or think you will in the near future, look for a plan that allows multiple domains. This is expressed as a number, ranging from one to unlimited.

MySQL Databases

MySQL is the database that WordPress runs on. Cheap WordPress hosting is useless if it doesn’t include at least one MySQL database. Each WordPress website you create will need one MySQL database. If you only plan to host one site, one MySQL will be sufficient. If you plan to host multiple sites in the same plan, make sure the plan offers enough MySQL databases for each site.

If you will pay attention to the points mentioned above, you definitely get succeed to choose the best word press hosting services for your business website.